Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine's Day Outfit 3

Now I understand what it's like to be single on Valentine's day, and my friends constantly moan about being alone so here's my last outfit with a fun twist.
 Lips in Sartorial - Topshop £8
Love is For Losers Jumper - River Island £40
Black PU Panel Jeans - Miss Selfridge £42
I love this jumper. It's perfect for that Screw Valentine's day look or the I don't need anyone. The jeans with PU paneling are a classic take on black skinny jeans. They update your look and add a slightly rocker edge. Now show your ex or crush what they're missing with this coral lipstick. Not only will your lips look hot but everyone will be looking at them and who knows, you might even get a cheeky kiss!
Do you love this jumper as much as I do?
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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentine's Outfit 2: Monochrome

It's nearly here. Now whilst I've been busy making presents (post on them soon!) I managed to take some time out to create a bang on trend monochrome outfit. Hooray!
 Rose Embossed Skater Skirt - Miss Selfridge £35
Black Heart Print Tights - New Look £5.99
White Crop Top with Black Sequined Hearts - Motel Rocks £30
Monochrome is one of the biggest trends right now, and it's so easy to perfect! Once again, it's a skater skirt but this one has a rose embossed print for a subtle romantic hint. The crop top with long sleeves is perfect with jeans, disco pants, shorts and pretty much everything. Finally, heart print tights have always been big so why not wear them on the most romantic day of the year?
What do you think? Will you be wearing heart prints? Or the monochrome trend?

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentine's Day Outfit 1

Valentine's day is soon! So I thought I'd do a few outfit posts, even though I'm not one for dressing up. I normally spend it watching films with my boyfriend and eating pizza. So first up is this dreamy cream inspired outfit.
Cream Leather Look Skirt - Dahlia £52
Heart Embroderied Check Shirt - Topshop £32
Green Lace Heart Print Top - River Island £20
I thought I'd stay away from the classic pink and red cute heartsy ideas. The khaki top is bang on trend this season and the love heart stops it being to plain. Leather skater skirts are a must; I wear mine all the time! So what better than one with a twist. I like the unusual cream colour and think it's perfect for spring. Finally the check shirt is something you can wear all the time and with it's muted colours, who says it's just for Valentine's day?
What do you think? What are you doing for Valentine's?
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Monday, 4 February 2013

Cream Cable

I've already ruined my new year's resolutions, both blogging and personal! I think it's been a week since I last blogged and I've still not gone running. Or used my camera, or cooked anything. Oh dear. Anyhow, Saturday I went into town and popped into primark before going to a cute little music venue to see my friend's band. They brought a cut out Karen Gillian on stage with them!

 Sheer Back Crem Shirt - Primark £7
Faux Leather Skater Skirt - River Island £20
Cable Knit Socks - Primark £2.50
Suede Shoe Boots - Can't remember (oops!)
I bought this lovely top with crochet detailing, a sheer back, and gold buttons. It's a dip hem and quite long on my short figure (5"1 ½ ). So I have to tuck it in if I want to wear it. But it goes with so many things, mainly because of the neutral cream colour. I tried it on with american flag print shorts and it looked perfect but reminded me of those tumblr girls. The shirt instantly glams up your outfit too!
I love the crochet/lace detail on the collar, it's a nice change from collar tips. Plus the sheer back adds more glamour and sophistication to your look. Although it does mean you feel a little naked and have to wear a bandeau underneath!
I also bought a 2 pack of cable knit socks in dark blue and burgundy because mine have mysteriously gone missing, I blame the washing machine! They instantly warm up your legs in the chilly weather and add a certain sexiness to your outfit. Plus when it gets too hot you can just roll them down.
What do you think of the shirt? Is it a bargain? 

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Inspiration Sunday

I thought I'd try something a bit new today... Inspiration Sunday! I've decided that every weekend I'm going to post a few inspiring pictures that can help me and you decide on our outfits for the week ahead.
 (all images from tumblr and pinterest)
Backpacks are a massive trend right now, and they fit all your essentials in easy peasy. I love the geometric printed ones or faux leather. A cropped jumper and a skater skirt has a chic 'just thrown this together' vibe about it that is perfect for chilly weather. Crop tops are perfect for spring, pair with plain jeans for a laidback look. Parkas are the perfect transitional coat from winter to spring, keeping you dry and warm.
What do you think of inspiration sunday?

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bleach Jean Snow

As promised, a snow post! And as expected, a bit late. I spent the weekend wrapped up warm in the snow, sledging at ridiculous times, falling over lots and looking after my friend. I do apologise for the the quality of the pictures, my little sister took them for me. You might remember these jeans from my wishlist. They arrived yesterday and are absolutely perfect although I expected them to be lighter.
 Green Shirt - Primark £12
Moto Bleach Leigh Jeans - Topshop £38
Wellies - Sports Direct £15
So hopefully you can see how amazing these jeans are from these rather dark pictures. They're tighter than my other pair but that might just be because they're newer. The colour is darker than the picture on the website which made me wonder if they were the right pair or not! But other than that they are amazing for summer and winter, they hug your curves and they're supersoft.
This hat was a late christmas present from two of my best friends, it's by the chaos brothers and you can get your own here. I love how it's a raccoon instead of the typical bear or panda. The gloves are from primark and I couldn't resist showing you the cute print! Our poor wooden reindeer is covered in snow but he looks so cute. And just look at the amount of snow we have. I think this is the most I've ever seen in real life.
Do you like my jeans (I sound like Jenna Rose, oh dear)? What do you think of the snow?

P.S. Just thought I'd tell you, this is my 100th post guys! Woo. I think I might celebrate with a giveaway. What would you want to win?
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Friday, 18 January 2013

Spring Wishlist

What lovely weather! I spent the day enjoying the early finish (2.20pm woop!) and generally just falling over in the snow and dragging people with me. I went skipping and fell off a curb, and then tackled my best friend into the snow! Unfortunately I didn't have time for an outfit post and I didn't want to ruin my camera so that will have to wait for tomorrow. Now whilst the snow is awesome, I can't wait for summer so I made a spring wishlist.

 Mighty Black Leather Zip Boots - Topshop £45
Sadie Open Shoulder Floral Denim Blouse - Dahlia £39 (sale!)
Knitted Textured Crop Jumper - Topshop £30
Dark Green Aztec Print Leggings - New Look £12.99
Fringed Chain Handle Bag - Urban Outfitters £38
Moto Bleach Leigh Jeans - Topshop £38
Cross Print Shirt - H&M £12.99
Raspberry Red Jacket - H&M £29.99
Let's face it, I live in Britain and no spring is complete without a pair of boots so why not these gorgeous ones! I'm loving cropped knits at the moment because they are so much more fitted and flatter any figure. The snow's made me realize how little I have in terms of trousers (1 pair of jeans!) so I thought these leggings would keep me warm and on trend. I absolutely adore this bag but it's too small for all my work; the fringing detail is beautiful! Finally a thin jacket to keep you warm in spring. The bright colour definitely helps you stand out.
What do you think of this snow? And my Spring Wishlist?
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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Look What I Bought!

So my beloved £9 backpack from primark is finally about to break after about 5 months use! I never thought it would last this long, well done primark for once. Anyway that means an excuse for a new bag. I wanted another backpack cause they're practical and distribute the weight equally. So here's what I bought...
It's the patchwork geo backpack from Urban Outfitters but unfortunately it has sold out now. I found one exactly the same though, it just has a different print.

Feather Print Around The World Backpack - Urban Outfitters £20 (sale)
I can't wait for this bag to arrive because it's a lot bigger than my old one and can fit my A3 graphics sketchbook in, yay!  Plus it has so much more space for all those annoying A-level folders and textbooks. I love the print of both but eventually went for the red as it goes with more things. I'm just slightly scared that it's going to be to big for my 5"2 (well 1 and a half) height. I don't want it to drown me, if that makes sense! Guess I'll just have to find out when it arrives.

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Monday, 14 January 2013

4 ways to wear a Velvet Skirt

Finally an outfit post! It seems every time I try to take a nice outdoorsy photo, the weather decides to be horrible. Today it snowed, which I kind of hate because I have to walk home on my tip toes trying not to fall over whilst avoiding snowballs or iceballs. But it did mean school closed early! Anyway here are 4 ways to wear a velvet skirt, sorry about the setting.
 The lace shirt is perfect for a casual but chic outfit when you go shopping, the band tee is just a chill out look for those lazy days, the gold jumpers perfect for keeping warm and stylish and finally the leather jacket adds a bit of night time glam.
Lace Blue Shirt - Primark £12
Red Velvet Skirt - Boohoo £12
This shirt is one of my favourites for just throwing on and looking chic. I love the lace top but I'm always worried about it ripping. The navy is a perfect winter contrast to the red, just pair with some brown or black boots and leather jacket for a casual look. 
 Pink Floyd Band Tee - H&M £9.99
Red Velvet Skirt - Boohoo £12
This is one of those thrown together in a mad rush look that looks lazy but stylish. Band Tees are one of my must haves and go with literally everything you own, but you should at least listen to the band first! I like the contrasting red and black that really draws attention to the skirt.
 Gold Beaded Jumper - Vintage
Red Velvet Skirt - Boohoo £12
This is perfect for those chilly days and would look amazing layered with a cardigan or jacket. I love the beaded neckline and sleeves of this jumper, it stops it from looking so plain! The tight waistline of the skirt and the flare stops you from looking like a blob and hides all that christmas fat.
Leather Jacket - Primark (few years ago)
Black Strappy Top - Primark £2
Red Velvet Skirt - Boohoo £12
A leather jacket instantly glams up any outfit and the velvet keeps with the wintry theme. This look really keeps your attention on the vibrant skirt because the rest of the look is plain black. I'd just like to point out that I'm in desperate need of new leather jacket as this one annoys me and looks tacky.
What do you think of Velvet? How would you wear it?

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Saturday, 12 January 2013


Exciting news bloggers. London Fashion Week is having a special Plus Size Fashion Weekend for all those curvy girls out there, in February!
 Aimed to 'enhance, educate, empower and support', the weekend will consist of a styling masterclass so you can get the most out of your figure, panel discussions about the industry, and of course fashion shows! For more information go here -

I personally think its a lovely idea that will definitely help branch out into the plus size industry and help everyone realise that being curvy or plus sized does not mean you're not beautiful. Hopefully the fashion shows will be a much needed change from all the skinny tall models on the runway, because let's face it, not everyone is like that. We all have different body shapes and this a huge step into helping people realise that fashion isn't just for the skinny and tall.
What's your opinion?
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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lush - Snow Fairy

All my exams are officially over until May! Woo. So to celebrate I'm gonna show you one of my favourite christmas presents. Normally I get given a load of bath stuff that I don't really use. But I guess it was just the pretty packaging, or the sparkling beauties inside that caught my eye!
 So behind all that pink snowy packaging, and foam were these glittering beauties!
The Angel Delight Soap (star) smelt like a zesty heaven with it's orange and jelly baby scent. The colour is a lovely peach with flecks of glitter! I can't wait to use it and smell like an orange jelly baby. The shower gel is actually limited edition and only comes with this, which is a bit sad. Guess I'll have to make it last til next Christmas. It was a glittery candyfloss bottle of awesomeness that I can't wait to try out. Finally the Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar (heart) is a smooth, vanilla scented haven. I can't quite work out if it's soap or not, oops!

I had a quick snoop around the lush website and found this similar giftbox. It doesn't have the sparkles but it does have the soaps, and shower jelly!

What do you think of lush?

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Can't wait for summer...

I'm busy revising for my biology exam tomorrow, yay! So whilst I'm doing that enjoy a little summery post! It's still another 6 months until summer, boo. Another 6 months until tans, bikinis, shorts, and sun. But if you want an early summer fix then check out these Topshop beauties.
Yes, that's right. Topshop are now selling Rollerskates! Done by the lovely brand, Moxi, these are perfect for a bit of 50s diner chic, or that summer feeling. They come in baby pink, blue, purple and leopard print for those feisty fashionistas out there.
However they're just a bit pricy, at £210 a pop! Or £145 for the leopard. So I better get saving now. If you want a pair, click here.
What do you think of rollerskates? Is it a bit too much, especially if you can't rollerskate?
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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fur Nails!

Well this is a post I didn't think I'd ever write! The clever people at MUA have come up with the next big nail trend for 2013, fur. No longer do you have to lust after gorgeous faux fur coats, when you can have it on your nails. I think I might just have to try it out! Don't worry, I'll let you know how it goes.
It comes in 5 different colours, blue, purple, pale pink, pink and burgundy maroon (above^), and will only set you back £3 for the fur top coat, and £1 for the nail varnish. Here's how it works.

If you can't wait to buy them , click here. So what do you think? Is this the weirdest trend you've heard?
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